3 Reasons Why Oral Health Matters

We all know the downside of bad teeth — constant bad breath, an unpleasant taste in your mouth, and the hefty dental bills that come with trying to fix everything back into good shape.

Let’s examine the 3 dangerous repercussions of poorly maintained oral health for our pets:

1. Bad breath

If a whiff of your pet’s stinky breath is enough to make you keep a distance, proper oral care will help restore those affectionate snuggles.   After all, physical touch is an important language of love, and hugs should not be absent in your friendship with your furry ones.

2. Tooth loss

Good oral care also helps strengthen your pet’s dental structures. If the bones and gums in your pet’s mouth become damaged or infected, the tooth will loosen and fall out. Pets that experience tooth loss will have altered appearance, hampered self-confidence and trouble with food consumption.

3. Organ damage

Lastly, bad oral health can also cause permanent damage to the organs. Bacteria from plaque build up can seep into the bloodstream, and alarmingly flow to the heart, liver and kidneys.

Hence just like humans, pets need the benefit that comes with regular care. So where does good oral health maintenance begin? We turn to our in-house PhD animal nutritionist Dr. Gary for some answers:

Dr. Gary: Along with regular check-ups and dental care from your veterinarian, feeding Aimé Kitchen Oral Health Formula is a fantastic way to create a “daily regimen” for great oral health! Additionally, brushing your pet’s teeth on a regular basis and feeding certain “healthy” dental chews can be great additional steps.

For further reading on the PhD Oral Health Inclusions found in our Aimé Kitchen™ recipes, head to our previous blog pieces to learn more about proper dental care for your pets!

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