Here is a story feature of an Aimé Kitchen Fur-iend — @butadon!

Born 5 years ago in Nova Scotia, this Canadian girl now resides in AK’s home province of the beautiful British Columbia. Named after the delicious Japanese dish “Butadon” (aka “pork rice bowl”), this little kitty is a real foodie herself.

Her current favourite is our Herring Wet Food, a recipe she just can’t stop eating! Perhaps the rich herring flavours remind Bubu of the Nova Scotian seas.

But our AK meals aren’t just about the rich, tantalizing flavours. With the addition of our exclusive AK Oral Health Premix, our wet food further boosts our pets’ immune system, helping to remove bacteria and biofilm from the oral cavity, and maintaining balance within the gut microflora community.

Who else wants to try our delicious Herring recipe? 💖



Remember @arlotheory? We told his story last year, but our heart still melts every time we see this sweet boy munch on our AK Kibbles. 🤍

He has also been promoted to the prestigious role of Quality Control for @barlloandco (a collection of small batch waterproof leashes and collars designed by Arlo’s owner). Do take a look and support a fellow local small biz!

Which fur baby should we feature next?


This food has changed our life!!

Since switching to Aimé Kitchen our almost 5yr old mixed breed dog Ellie has gone from us thinking she would not make it another year to a completely new dog full of energy and able to go on walks again. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in her back legs at 1.5yrs old and put on Metacam and gabapentin. It helped with the pain but not her mobility. Since switching to Aimé Salmon, I have taken Ellie off of the Metacam and she is definitely full of energy and gaining back the muscles she lost in her back legs. I can’t believe the change in her thanks to Aimé Kitchen!! On top of that, her breath smells immaculate!!

Thanks Kim & Ellie from Toronto, Canada


Our dogs love, love, love this new food and it's unbelievable how quickly we can see the effects of it. Happy, energetic dogs.

3 dogs, 3 different breeds, 3 different ages.

All in love with Holistic Chicken!!!!

This product is so good, we are using it also as training reward food.

Thank you, Aimé Kitchen!!!!

William & Family from Toronto, Canada


I’ve been feeding the Aimé Kitchen Oral Health Formula to my golden retriever Molly for just over a year and it has dramatically impacted her breath and coat in a positive way. She struggled with itchy skin previously and her breath was less than optimal most of the time! Since being on this food, I can say that her scratching has subsided, and her breath is lovely! I would highly recommend this Canadian-made food!

James & Molly from New Brunswick, Canada


I highly recommend this pet food! It has helped my Corgi Carl’s bad breath issues and had an additional benefit for his digestion. His stools are much firmer, now. If you’re looking for a great Canadian pet food, this is it!

Chad & Carl from Montreal, Quebec, Canada


We highly recommend this pet food! We originally started our Boston Terrier, Mitch, on it about 6 months ago at the suggestion of our local Global Pet Foods. We were looking for a better food and this one fit the bill. Plus, it’s made in Canada and is an oral health formula. Mitch definitely had a bad breath issue, and nothing really worked. Since he’s been on this food, we’ve noticed a huge change and his breath is actually pleasant!! Thank you to Aimé Kitchen! We can kiss our dog again!

Anne-Marie, Mitch and Family from Collingwood, Ontario