For Dogs

From serving dry feasts to wet fares, our team at Aimé Kitchen™ believes that balance is key to health and happiness. Hence, our product line features a full range menu delivering oral health support with our patent-pending formula’s. Our Freeze-dried Patties, Air-dried Food and Classic Kibbles offer bold flavours and a functional oral health deliverable with mess-free convenience and storage ease.

Aime Kitchen™ Oral Health Kibbles

Classic kibbles with a new spin! We produced the Aimé Kitchen™ Classic Kibbles to put a new spin on a traditional product. We differentiate our...

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Aimé Kitchen™ Oral Health Freeze Dried Patties

Smart meals served multiple ways! We produced the Aimé Kitchen™ Freeze Dried Patties to support optimal oral health and for pets who crave variety, flavour...

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Aime Kitchen™ Oral Health Air Dried

A balanced taste for the meat lover supporting your dog’s optimal oral health! We produced the Aimé Kitchen™ Air Dried Food to support optimal oral...

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