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Enhancing Oral Health with Every Meal!

At Aimé Kitchen™, our focus with our formula is the root causes of poor oral health. Working with a PhD animal nutritionist, we have created recipes with a precise selection of fresh meat and complementary botanicals in a proprietary oral health formula that works to remove the bad bacteria in the oral cavity. It is bacteria like these that cause issues such as tartar and plaque, halitosis and gingivitis. Using only ingredients that are closest to our pet’s natural diet and combining those with real science, we deliver a diet for cats and dogs that will support their optimal oral health.

As our Dr. Gary says:

“Oral health is an integral part of overall health and well-being. Poor oral health and dental diseases in pets are largely preventable!”

About Aimé Kitchen

Human Grade Ingredients

Our ingredients are sourced directly from Canadian farms, with a strict adherence to freshness and quality. We use human-grade ingredients, such as free-range poultry, eggs, organic herbs and botanicals.

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Our Pets are Our Kin

The luckiest children first learn of love through the warmth of mama’s home cooking. From the first drop of milk to curated hearty meals, parents have an inherent instinct to provide the best nourishment and a happy livelihood for their offspring. At Aimé Kitchen™, we aim to recreate this devoted care found in home-cooked meals.

Letters to Our Furry Friends

3 Reasons Why Oral Health Matters

We all know the downside of bad teeth — constant bad breath, an unpleasant taste in your mouth, and the hefty dental bills that come...

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Our in-house PHD Nutritionist

Aimé Kitchen™ products recipes are prepared with the devoted care found in home-cooking mixed with the science of animal nutrition. Working with our in-house PHD...

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PHD Oral Health Inclusions

The alarm rings. You wake up to the familiar warmth beside you, the softness of your beloved fur ball companion. As he shuffles in closer...

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