Aimé Kitchen™

Introducing Aimé Kitchen™ Oral Health Formula for pets — crafted with human-grade ingredients, ethically sourced proteins and exclusive PhD formulas to promote your best friend’s optimal oral health.

Aimé Kitchen™ recipes are prepared with the devoted care found in home-cooking mixed with the science of animal nutrition. Working with our in-house PHD animal nutritionist to deliver a science-based oral health solution, our recipes use farm-fresh botanicals and wild-caught proteins that are closest to our pet’s natural diet.

Our nutritionist, Dr. Gary, makes an important differentiation between dental health care and oral health care. Dental health care essentially deals with the symptoms of poor oral health while Oral health care deals with the root causes of the problems, preventing the symptoms from ever occurring. So, the standard assortment of dental treats work well to deal with the symptoms of poor oral health like plaque, tartar and bad breath but they don’t work to prevent the issues from occurring time and time again. That’s what we’re focused on with our Oral Health Formula because good oral health leads to good overall health!

With our exclusive oral health recipe, we focus on the entire microbiome of the oral cavity and digestive tract using our 3-Pronged approach to oral health:
- Focus on removing the bacteria in the oral cavity and digestive tract, that cause dental issues in the first place.
- Focus on reducing silent inflammation issues in the tissue surrounding teeth.
- Focus on supporting saliva production which is key to optimal food intake, digestion, oral health and the immune system.

Our History

The founders of Aimé Kitchen™ are no strangers to the pet industry. Their first venture in this field dates back to 1999, when they uncovered a deep-seated passion for making products to enrich the lives of cats and dogs. For the ensuing two decades, they have dedicated themselves to provide only the best for pets and their families and now, specifically, a formula that tackles the root causes of one of the largest health issues facing pets – oral health!

The pet industry is also a transformative one. The needs of pets have evolved over time, from their dietary needs to their dwelling and habitat. We strive to understand these changes to provide the best for pets today by formulating clean and functional oral health recipes.

We are parents of pets ourselves, and we have decades of experience making meals for our loved ones in our own kitchen. Our pets are our kin — and we would love to cook for yours.