Our History

The founders of Aimé Kitchen™ are no strangers to the pet industry. Their first venture in this field dates back to 1999, when they uncovered a deep-seated passion for making products to enrich the lives of cats and dogs. For the ensuing two decades, they have dedicated themselves to provide only the best for pets and their families.

The pet industry is also a transformative one. The needs of pets have evolved over time, from their dietary needs to their dwelling and habitat. We strive to understand these changes to provide the best for pets today.

Our Vision

Children learn of love through the warmth of mama’s home cooking. From the first drop of milk to curated hearty meals, parents have an inherent instinct to provide the best nourishment and a happy livelihood for their offspring.

Our vision for Aimé Kitchen™ is to recreate this motherly bond through our hearty home-style meals for pets. We also aim to make quality recipes effortless by providing ready-to-serve pet food, made with farm-fresh Canadian meats and natural botanicals.