For Cats

From serving dry feasts to wet fares, our team at Aimé Kitchen™ believes that balance is key to health and happiness. Hence, our product line features a full range menu. Our Freeze-dried Patties, Air-dried Food and Classic Kibbles offer bold flavours and a functional oral health deliverable with mess-free convenience and storage ease. On the other hand, our Balanced Cans and Original Cans for cats provide the extra hydration felines need, with rich taste and high levels of protein.

Aime Kitchen™ Original

Never a boring meal with Aime Kitchen™ Original! The Aimé Kitchen™ Original, for cats who crave extra flavour and protein boosts in their everyday diet....

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Aime Kitchen™ Chewy Air Dried

A balanced taste for the meat lover! We produced the Aimé Kitchen™ Air Dried Food for cats who are on a raw diet but crave...

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Aimé Kitchen™ Freeze Dried Patties

Smart meals served multiple ways! We produced the Aimé Kitchen™ Freeze Dried Patties for pets who crave variety, flavour and function in their meals. This...

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Aime Kitchen™ Classic

The Aime Kitchen™ Classic, for cats who are on a full protein diet or a 100% wet food diet. Our adorable furry friends are obligate...

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Aime Kitchen™ Silver

The Aime Kitchen™ Special Needs, for cats who are at risk of urinary crystals or experiencing liver and renal concerns. Or for cats who choose...

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