PHD Oral Health Inclusions

The alarm rings. You wake up to the familiar warmth beside you, the softness of your beloved fur ball companion. As he shuffles in closer for a morning snuggle, you pull back with a violent jolt — what is that awful smell? You push your furry friend and his foul breath away.

The most common cause of bad breath in cats and dogs is not just dental hygiene, but their oral health. In fact, our oral health offers essential clues about our wellbeing — a window to our overall health, as doctors say.

When we created our Aimé Kitchen™ Classic Kibbles, we worked with our in-house phD nutritionist, Dr. Gary, to invent a new formula that can boost oral hygiene. Hence, our PHD Formulated Oral Health Formula is a first of its kind recipe, designed to transform our pets’ health from the inside out. This formula improves the entire microbiome of the oral cavity, which leads to a cleaner digestive system and better nutritional absorption. With improved gut health, organ and tissue damage can also be prevented.

Today, we sat down with Dr. Gary in our office to further discuss the differences between dental health and oral health.

AK letters: Thinking back to the beginning of our experiments — why did our research team focus on oral health, not just dental hygiene?

Dr. Gary: Dental products focus on symptoms like removing plaque and tartar from a pet’s teeth once it’s already there. We have decided to focus on a pet’s Oral Health which encompasses the entire microbiome of the oral cavity and digestive tract while specifically targeting the root causes of the problems that eventually lead to dental issues. We focus on removing the bacteria in the oral cavity that creates tartar and plaque in the first place. No bad bacteria, no tartar or plaque.

AK letters: Our food also contains key ingredients that works hand-in-hand with the oral health inclusions. Can you explain this in-depth for pet parents out there?

Dr. Gary: Yes, the Aimé Kitchen™ Classic Kibbles contains ingredients like astaxanthin and egg-shell membrane, both with amazing anti-inflammatory properties that deal with the silent inflammation in the tissues surrounding teeth – another root cause for oral health issues.

AK letters: Last but not least, I understand that coming up with a formula that close to our pet’s natural diet was an essential part of the research. Can you provide some details?

Dr. Gary:  We strive to support and promote the amazing processes that already occur in a pet’s body. The salivary system is of great interest in discussing immunity and oral health because the salivary glands help protect pets from many different microbes which attack them through their mouths. Saliva is composed of 98% water but also contains antibacterial compounds, enzymes, and electrolytes that are important to overall health, but, particularly to strong oral health. The proteins and minerals in saliva also protect tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

From focusing on the bigger picture of oral health to the inclusion of key ingredients to the enhanced support of our pet’s natural bodily functions, our Aimé Kitchen™ recipes are crafted to ensure that the health of your pets is taken care of, every day!

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