With Love, From Canada.

We are a Canadian company that supports our local community.

As the founders of Aimé Kitchen, we are no strangers to the pet industry and have worked globally in parts of North America and Asia. In fact, our first venture in this field dates back to 1999! Since then, we continued our passion for making products to enrich the lives of cats and dogs.

Today, we are based in Vancouver, B.C. and works with a wondrous network of farmers, fishermen, distributors and retailers across the country.

Our lush Canadian landscapes not only provide beautiful inspiration to our work, but also supplies us with fresh ingredients. For those have never visited Canada -- the country is rich in its natural resources. Cities and small towns sprawl over majestic forest and farmlands across British Columbia. Being a coastal city, Vancouver also enjoys the proximity of the waters. Seafood is in abundance here, with salmon and tuna being a part of our staple diet.

In turn, we create recipes for our pets with these ingredients. For the details of the farm-fresh, human grade super food used in the Aimé Kitchen recipes, read more about them in our other letters.

Our pets enjoy the natural environment here as well. A vacation to the beautiful coastal Vancouver Islands or the lush mountainscape of interior B.C. is only a few hours away. Our family trips always included our furry friends.

When getaways are not feasible in our schedule, we enjoy taking walks with our pet after filling their tummies with healthy meals. Thankfully, we have our fair share of neighbourhood parks here in Vancouver!

What are some outdoor activities you enjoy with your furry friend?

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