Why is Oral Health Important?

Maintaining your pet’s oral health on the daily just got easier. Aimé Kitchen® offers complete and balanced formulas with a proprietary recipe delivering “science-based” oral health support for pets with every bite! Our pet food is made with fresh meat, locally sourced ingredients and a formula created by a PhD nutritionist to give pets a palatable, natural food that helps to remove the bacteria in the oral cavity and digestive tract contributing to poor oral health and bad breath. Why not contribute to a pet’s oral health with every meal? 

How Aimé Kitchen food can help with my pet’s oral health and what is a Three-Pronged approach?

Poor oral health, gingivitis, tooth decay and gum disease are all bacterial issues. The same bacterial acids that destroy tooth enamel can initiate an infection of the gum tissue and bone surrounding the teeth. When the bacterial plaque from the teeth isn’t removed, it hardens into tartar. Though bacterial plaque causes gum disease, tartar buildup gives bacterial plaque a place to thrive.

Our PhD Animal Nutritionist, Dr. Gary, created a formula with a 3-pronged focus attacking the bacterial root causes of poor oral health. When our negatively charged zeolites hit the oral cavity, they are catalyzed by our proprietary formula to be instantly released into the system. As the zeolites travel through the oral cavity and digestive tract, they attract and capture the positively charged bacteria and toxins. Then we replace the bacteria with multiple probiotics and prebiotics that are native to the digestive tracts of dogs & cats. We also deliver a powerful anti-inflammatory knock out with our combination of eggshell membrane and astaxanthin. Finally, our formula supports saliva production, a key bodily function that helps to protect tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

The net result is a formula that focuses on the root causes of poor oral health and not just the symptoms! 

Who is Dr. Gary?

Dr. Pusillo’s expertise in horse feed formulation has influenced over 15 Kentucky Derby winners, many NFR champions, world class hitches, and Olympic competitors. He is a registered Feed Microscopist, a certified Professional Animal Scientist and a board-certified member of the American College of Animal Nutrition. Dr. Pusillo is the founder and CEO of the Oasis Research Centre, a nutrition research facility focused on the product development of specialty nutraceutical products for dogs, cats, horses and livestock.

Dr. Pusillo's advanced degrees are all from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. Dr. Pusillo has a Bachelor of Science degree in animal husbandry from the Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. His Master’s Degree is in animal production and his PhD is in Animal Nutrition. Dr. Pusillo practices large animal veterinary medicine and is a nutritional consultant in Brazil and Argentina. Dr. Pusillo's work is currently focused on advanced phytochemistry, nutraceutical development and complementary medicine. His ongoing research addresses the most prevalent needs of today's livestock, companion, and exotic species. Dr. Pusillo is widely recognized throughout the feed and nutrition industry for his expertise in direct-fed microbials and nutraceuticals. Dr. Pusillo is one of the leading private practice forensic investigators in the animal and feed industry and is regularly called upon to testify as an expert trial witness throughout the United States for the FDA. Dr. Pusillo speaks and teaches worldwide and has been featured in various radio shows and TV programs as well as countless magazine articles and is currently writing a series of books on animal nutrition.

Our Ingredients

As a Canadian company, we proudly use home-grown ingredients. Our country flourishes on agriculture, and our wide landscape boasts of over 200,000 farms — from large-scale plantations in the prairies to ethical, family-run plots. From this vast selection, we source human-grade ingredients, such as the cage-free chicken, ethically sourced salmon, green peas, pumpkin, butternut squash, apple, blueberry, zucchini and the proprietary egg-shell membrane used in our recipes. Wherever we make our pet food products, Canada, USA (freeze-dried) or Thailand (wet), we use domestically sourced ingredients for quality purposes and efficient traceability.

Where are Aimé Kitchen products made in?

Aimé Kitchen is a Canadian brand and we endeavour to bring our Oral Health formula’s to dogs and cats around the world in multiple pet food formats. Our dog kibbles and air-dried cat food are proudly made in Canada, in Ontario and British Columbia, respectively. Our freeze-dried dog and cat foods are made in the USA and our wet food line-up is made in Thailand.

Why are your freeze-dried food made in USA?

We make our Aimé Kitchen freeze-dried foods at a US facility with 20 years’ experience in the pet industry. The USA has long been at the forefront of quality freeze-dried foods and since there are no Canadian facilities currently making freeze-dried pet food, we look south to our American partners. Our formulas, across our formats, are all created by our Dr. Gary. 

Why are your cat cans made in Thailand?

Thailand produces high quality human grade canned fish products and canned cat food and we want to offer only the best to our furry friends. Thailand is a world leader in producing foods for people (and in our case, pets) around the globe, particularly fish-based foods. We choose to make our food in Thailand because of their close partnerships with Canadian food companies and their ability to meet our stringent manufacturing standards. Furthermore, we strive to be a sustainable business partner by working to protect both the earth’s resources and the living beings that inhabit it. By being diligent with best business practices and maintaining the global standard certifications we hold, we manage each step in our supply chain with ethical and sustainable practices. Our Thai partners are fully involved with both the SDG and the SeaChange sustainability program – focusing on sustainable fishing practices and the eradication of modern slavery and human trafficking in supply chains.

Other Interesting Facts about Pet Foods Made in Thailand:

Are your cat cans AAFCO balanced?

Aimé Kitchen Original Cat wet foods are complementary with added taurine, minerals and vitamins. Aimé Kitchen Classic Cat wet foods are a complete meal and AAFCO balanced.

What is the shelf life of a can of wet cat food?

When stored according to the directions, Aimé Kitchen products are safe until their expiration date (36 months from date of manufacturing). Refrigerate and cover any unused wet food after opening.

How long will wet food last in the fridge?

Dispose of any unused wet food after 3 days.