Our Secret: A Mother's Love

Our vision for Aimé Kitchen is to recreate a mother’s love with hearty home-style meals for pets. Studies state that food is an effective trigger of deep emotions, and the luckiest children often first learn of love through the warmth of mama’s home cooking.

From feeding the first drop of milk to putting dinner on the table, parents have an inherent instinct to provide the best nourishment and a happy livelihood for their offspring.

Today’s pet mamas and papas are often caught in hectic schedules. We want to integrate high-end quality with effortlessness by providing the convenience of ready-to-serve pet food, made with only the healthiest ingredients a mother would cook for their child.

Hence, we source only farm-fresh Canadian meats and natural botanicals for our recipes.

We are pet parents ourselves, and we love our fur babies like our own kin. We want to convey a single message with our food: Aimé Kitchen is served straight from farm to cans and bags — from heart to bowl.

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