Human Grade Meals

By now, it's no secret that we only use human grade ingredients in our Aimé Kitchen recipes.

Why are we adamant on the quality that goes into our food? It initiated with our vision for the brand. We strive to recreate the devoted care found in home-cooked meals.

We dream up recipes with a precise selection of fresh meat and complementary botanicals, using only ingredients that are closest to our pet’s natural diet. This leads to higher energy levels, and in turn, a stronger mental health.

However, nutritious meals does not equate to tasteless and boring. With over twenty recipes of canned wet food and three carefully crafted variations of dry kibbles, Aimé Kitchen meals are healthy with rich flavours.

Our ingredients are sourced fresh from Canadian farms, with a strict adherence to consistent quality. The human-grade ingredients we use include free-range chicken and turkey, and wild salmon and tuna.

On top of quality meats, we also included other superfoods such as chia, flax, and barley to help boost our pets' immune systems. We recognize the importance of a balanced diet, and we cook with essential fruits and veggies, such as apple, pumpkin, carrot, kelp, broccoli, alfafa, kale and spinach in our recipes. This strengthens our pets’ overall health and render them less susceptible to diseases and infections.

Do you know what flavours your pet enjoy? Give them a bite of our Aimé Kitchen meals and find out!

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